New Colossus screening

Screening and discussion of The New Colossus

‘I lift my lamp beside the golden door’

Emma Lazarus


5-6:30pm, 10th October 2017

Regent Lecture Theatre

King’s College


The New Colossus (2017, 30mins) is the latest research film by Alan Marcus, which focuses on links between events around 9/11 and the current controversy over the US/Mexican border/wall.  Themes of national trauma, patriotism, anti-immigration and idealism infuse the film and will be the subject of a post-screening discussion with:


Professor Alan Marcus, Film and Visual Culture

Dr. Andrea Oelsner, Politics and International Relations

Professor Patience Schell, Hispanic Studies

Dr. Trevor Stack, Hispanic Studies

Professor Thomas Weber, History and International Affairs


Event hosted by the Centre for Global Security and Governance

University of Aberdeen